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Will your tracker follow a person (or couple) when other people pass between them and the camera? There is a demo on your website of a couple dancing, but I would like to video dance competitions and would like the camera to track one couple even though others may temporarily block them from view.

The TrackerCam does a reasonable job of keeping track of a couple as long as their costumes are of a unique color. If a person wearing red is being tracked, and another person wearing red comes in front of her, then the new person is likely going to be tracked after that. The software looks for the biggest "blob" of a particular color.

However, our software is second to none for being able to recover when an object of a different color moves in front of the target. We have not found any consumer available software/hardware combinations that recover as well as our software.

We recommend you use the Logitech Pro 4000 camera if you want to do tracking as it deals with colors well. However, you must take into account that you will not get video quality movies with a webcam. But for capturing the motion of dancers, it will still be useful!

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