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I have a tracker pod which seems to work just fine, however, I just purchased a power pod which after a short time begins to scan around erratically.

When I received the power pod I simply swapped out the tracker pod and replaced it with the power pod. Are there any driver or software issues bwtween the 2 units?

I am running a very up to date and stable windows 2000--which is not connected to the net, and does not hae any wireless devices.

If you don't have TrackerCam Software 5.11, please download that from www.trackercam.com and use it.

If you swap the PowerPod in for the TrackerPod while the software is still running, then you will have a problem immediately. They have very different firmware. You can either restart the software or right click the gray background and choose Diagnostics and Select the PowerPod or TrackerPod to initialize it properly.

Please let us know if that fixes it. If the problem persists, it could be a power issue or we may need to replace the PowerPod.

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