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I am interested in your trackercam pan/tilt for use in a church application with 3 or more cameras. I would like these to pan/tilt/optical zoom from a trackball or joystick on the pc, and all be visable on a single monitor or multiple monitors on the pc. Have you worked out the details for making this type of application work? Is there a specific type (brand?) of camcorder that is necessary for optical zoom? Currently I have lower end (digital) Sony camcorders.

Yes, what you need is CamPanel software from our website (this allows several cameras to be used with one PC). The control of the pan/tilt and zoom is done with an ordinary PC mouse. For optical zoom, you will need to use camcorders, which can be rotated with PowerPods. To get optical zoom to work, you must use any of the Canon ZR models.

Go here for Canon ZR model examples:

The optical zoom does not currently work with Sony camcorders.

So, for three PAN/TILT cameras, you need:

- One copy of CamPanel Software (normally $99, free with one or more PowerPods)
- Three Canon ZR camcorders
- Three PowerPods ($149.99 each)

You can download the trial version of CamPanel from our download page to try it out and see if it meets your needs. The only limitation is that recording stops after 10 minutes - otherwise it is the same as the licensed version.

You may also need some USB extenders if you wish to place the cameras far away from your computer.

Information about all these products can be found on our products page.

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