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Was wondering about incorporating my trackercam into a already done web-site? Is there a script that allows remote control? Or any ideas on how I can do this?

Firstly, the computer with the TrackerCam has to be accessible from the Internet in order for people to see it live and control its movements. The procedure is slightly different depending on whether the computer's IP is static or dynamic.

If the IP is static, then from your website you can link to your TrackerCam like this:


where IP is your computer's IP number, and PORT is the port number you chose in TrackerCam. You may have to forward that port to your computer if you use a router.

If the IP is dynamic, then you need to List your camera so that the fixed URL can be used to link to it when its IP changes. That fixed URL is found in TrackerCam Software's Get Online dialog.

If you only want the arrow controls, then just open a new frame in your web page with this URL:


If you want to customize the page with the image and remote control, you can edit the files in

c:\program files\eagletron\trackercam\httproot\remote6\


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