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How do I use the trial version of DVdriver? What's the difference between the trial and full versions?

Also, I see you offer another program called TrackerCam for free--will that program let me use my camcorder with my PC like DVdriver does?

To use the trial version, just download it and run it. The limitation of the trial version is that it interrupts you after running for 2 minutes and asks you to reload the video. Just keep reloading it until you decide whether or not you wish to buy it.

TrackerCam is another application which is free and will work with your camcorder. You can test both to see which one you prefer. Mainly, TrackerCam is a full webcam software package with the emphasis on pan/tilt control of our robotic bases, Internet remote viewing and control, and video capture; DVdriver is a smaller utility meant to help you use your camcorder with software designed to be used with webcams.

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