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I was interested in purchasing the PowerPod and DVdriver for the Sony DCR-TRV340 camcorder. I was wondering if the DVdriver software will allow me to use my camcorder with the TrackerCam software to track motion, etc. and monitor the cam at the same time using the Cam Panel software. I would like to use TrackerCam to track motion with the cam corder and stream it through Windows Media Encoder, and at the same time I want to be able to monitor what is viewed on the camcorder along with my other cams using Cam Panel. So, in conclusion, does the DVdriver software allow me to view my camcorder video in more than one program?

Yes, DVdriver can create multiple video streams from the same camera that you can use in different programs simultaneously. So, yes, you could send your video stream to both Windows Media Encoder and CamPanel.

By the way, CamPanel itself can handle the motion tracking for you without TrackerCam running. We will be posting a newly-updated version of CamPanel to our web site within the next few days for download. If you download it and also download the trial version of DVdriver you'll be able to see if it can handle what you want to do for free before you buy. Good luck with your setup and thank you for your interest.

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