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Does TrackerCam do video streaming?

Strictly speaking, the TrackerCam software doesn't do video streaming - it does jpeg pull. This can be with an embedded Java applet or Javascript. If the person on the other end also has TrackerCam Software, then you both get live video/audio/text/file transfer.

We do not compete with the companies making video streaming software. We are compatible with them in the sense that we share the video from your camcorder with other applications using the TrackerCam Capture driver or the new standalone DVdriver (see www.trackercam.com). For example, you start DVdriver and select Microsoft DV camcorder (firewire) as the video source. Then you start NetMeeting or Windows Media Encoder or other streaming software and select DVdriver as the source. You can stream to several places at the same time, like MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and NetMeeting. You can control pan/tilt/zoom or you can let the remote viewer control those through DVdriver or TrackerCam Software.

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