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I want to use your Network Trackercam. I just have a home with a cable modem and Lynksys Router to my two computers but the Lynksys router has 4 internet ports and I do not use them all. Will it work with my set up? I know it says it does not use a computer, but will it work with my router? I have 2 internet ports going to 2 different computers and have a free internet port open.

Yes, you would just connect the WAN port from the NP26G to a free port on your Linksys router. Then the NP26G will get an IP number from your Linksys router, and you will be able to see and control your Network TrackerCam from any computer on your LAN.

You might have to connect to your Linksys router's DHCP client page to find the IP number of the webcam. Then you would browse to that IP number from Internet Explorer to view and control the camera.


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