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I am interested in buying both a ADS USB 2.0 camera as well as the tracker pod for my camcorder (a Sony DCR-HC40). I would like to know if I can use both the webcamera (with a tracker pod) and the handycam (using it as a webcam with the trackercam) on the same computer at the one time. is this possible? (Does the camcorder have to be capable of USB 2.0 streaming?)

For this particular Sony camcorder, it appears that the USB is for transferring stills to your computer. You can use the firewire for video. You can use this at the same time as the ADS USB 2.0 camera.

You can use both cameras at the same time in different applications. If you want to use both of them at the same time in one application, you can try our CamPanel multicamera software.

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