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If I want to use multiple cameras connected to a single PC with CamPanel, what do I need to know?

The main issue that the drivers most USB webcam makers ship with their products cannot handle two or more cameras of the same type.

You can try different brands of USB cameras on the same system but then you also run in to the USB bandwidth limit which prevents several simultaneous USB cameras. This is not a limitation of our software but of camera drivers and USB 1.1.

In our testing we have found that 4 Wathport/V cameras work together on the same computer if the multicamera driver is installed from their CD. However, the frame rate drops to 5fps with more than one camera.

The Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 USB webcam on Windows XP with the latest drivers from Logitech will also allow more than one to work simultaneously. Previous drivers from Logitech did not allow this.

Finally, the USB 2.0 cameras are much better at coexisting on the same computer. The ADS Turbo 2.0 and the iBot 2 are good examples. There are not many.

You can use a multiport card with CamPanel Software. We have tested the MicroJack, Winnov, Hauppauge, iTuner Spectra-8, and Pinnacle cards. The ATI cards do not work. We have not tested others.

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