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Hello, I recently purchased a TrackerPod. I am very interested in creating a Macromedia Flash page on my web site that will let people pan, tilt and zoom my webcams. Do you know if this is possible and how it could be done. Any white papers or tech specs, examples etc we could use to get started?

You can contact Craig Swan at craig@crashmedia.com

He has done this.

You can also write code to control the PowerPod with Visual Basic. There is an example on


There is also C++ code that is a sockets application to control the TrackerPod/PowerPod. To get this, you need to download TrackerCam Software from the download page. The C++ source code examples are in the Samples directory under the TrackerCam install path (usually C:\Program Files\Eagletron\TrackerCam\Samples).

Of course, if you don't specifically need to use Flash, you can just use the TrackerCam software that came with your TrackerPod. It lets you offer pan, tilt, and zoom control to remote users over the Web using either Java or JavaScript.

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