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I have seen your new offer for the router togetehr with the trackerpod and webcam. I want to be able to allow the other person to control my webcamera. As I understood it, it was already possible to do this (and to do it with several cameras so long as they are USB 2.0 cameras and not the logitech ones) only not wirelessly, i.e. unconnecgted to a computer. Is this the only advantage of this new offer? If not, please explain for the technologically challenged...

The main advantage of the Network TrackerCam is that the computer does not have to be anywhere near the camera, and you can access the camera over an existing wired or wireless LAN.

Yes the person watching the camera on the web browser can control the movement. This was possible before but required a computer and our software to act as the web server. Now the web server is built into the small box that comes with the Network TrackerCam.

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