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I've been looking for software to stream live webcam video on a webpage for an online lab for some engineering courses here at the University. On paper, your software would work great for us except that I can't seem to get a frame rate better then 2 fps, and that's with the cilent computer on the same 100 Mbps LAN (in the same room) as the server with the webcam and software. What I need is frame rate closer to 10 fps.

Is this possible with your software?

What are the system requirements for a high frame rate?

The max frame rate for remote connections is a Tuner setting. It's there to allow many simultaneous connections and reduce ISP bandwidth costs. You can increase that to whatever the connection will take. A 100Mbit network will do about 15fps, but this depends on the resolution chosen.

The setting is in the Tuner under Communications.

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