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Hi, I am looking for a pan/tilt device for rotating an ophthalmic lens (weight: less 0.2 kg, angles +/- 35 degrees, accuracy 0.3 degrees). I need to automize the pan/tilt function and I like to finally controll the motion from a C or C++ program.
Do you have a product related to this problem?

You can use our PowerPod device, which is the only USB DV camera robotic mount on the market. It takes devices weighing up to 3lbs, and has 160 degrees pan and 110 degrees tilt. However, the accuracy is about 0.7 degrees, not 0.3. Perhaps this is still acceptable.

You can write code to control the PowerPod with Visual Basic. There is an example on


There is also C++ code that is a sockets application to control the TrackerPod/PowerPod. To get this, you need to download TrackerCam Software from the download page. The C++ source code examples are in the Samples directory under the TrackerCam install path (usually C:\Program Files\Eagletron\TrackerCam\Samples).

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