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I'm interrested in your trackerpod solutions, but
so far I have got no idea if I can use these with
Linux, and of course to be able to write own
software to control the cameras.

I assume the wireless/LAN solution is the simplest
to use. I guess that I then just have to set up a
TCP/IP socket to the camera/pod.

The wireless/LAN device has 2 USB ports to talk to the USB TrackerPod and camera and has a built in web server to serve remote clients.

Unfortunately for the time being, that web server provides an Active-X client, so it won't work with Linux. We are working with Compex to provide NP26G-USB firmware that will be compatible with Linux.

This is a priority, since currently only Internet Explorer browsers can view the new Network TrackerCam. We will try to make an announcement on slashdot as soon as we can provide Linux support for the new 802.11g Network TrackerCam.

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