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What is the difference between a PowerPod and a TrackerPod? It would seem the TrackerPod is for lighter weight webcam types and the PowerPod is for heavier camcorder type uses. Under the multi-camera custom solution then, is it possible to use PowerPods instaed of the TrackerPods your example shows? Basically I need the quality of the camcorder picture (and I already own them) with the ability to remotely control pan/tilt (and zoom if possible).

Yes, the TrackerPod is for lighter cameras and the PowerPod for heavier ones. The TrackerPod can move a little faster because it has lighter motors (and if you put a webcam on a PowerPod it may not work because the webcam may be too light for it).

So if you are going to use camcorders, you need PowerPods.

You can use PowerPods with CamPanel no problem. The only limitation is that optical zoom is not built into the CamPanel software yet; only into TrackerCam software.

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