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Question #1)
Can you start and stop and start again the tape inside the camcorder remotely?

Question #2)
How do you (if its even possible) to extend the video of the digital camcorder since it uses fire wire versus USB?

Hello, Steve. Unfortunately, we don't have a solution for extending Firewire video cables.

As far as remote control of record and pause: If you mean control from the computer to which the camera is connected, the TrackerCam software included with all PowerPods has a dialog that lets you control these features.

However, if you mean control of these features from another computer over the Internet, youneed another of our products, a program called DVdriver.

DVdriver, in addition to letting you use Firewire camcorder video in any program designed to work with webcams, lets you remotely control your camcorder's record and pause over the Internet from another computer. You can read about it at:

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