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I'm interested in using my Canon ZR-40 camcorder to do live webcasts to multiple viewers (upto 80). Does your PowerPod work with that model? Does it transmit sound as well? How/who controls the zoom and pan/tilt? I'm really needing to get my live broadcast capability set up soon. What about software? Thanks!

Yes, PowerPod supports any camera under 3 pounds in weight, and thus supports Canon ZR-40 too.

Regarding who controls movement, if one user trys to move the camera to the left and another user tries to move it to the right, then PowerPod will cycle back and forth between right and left giving the two users images from different points. So, things slow down quite a bit when several users want the camera in different spots. You can control which users have the privillege of moving the camera, though, so you could have many users viewing video and only one controlling movement.

Note that our software serves out a series of still JPEG images and the frame rate is dependant on the speed of your Internet connection, but typically is lower than most streaming video.

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