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I'm interested in customizing my trackercam control options over the web. For example, I'd like to save the webcam pictures locally on my newtork drive. Is this possible? I'd also like to allow users to create panoramic photos from the web? Are there any support communities or download pages for programming applications for the trackercam?

To save pictures to your disk drive, you can use TrackerCam's Capture function. Slide open the tool panel and click the icon that looks like a movie camera in the section called 'Capture'. Then, in the dialog that pops up, choose a frame rate, i.e., how often you want a picture to be capture to disk, and specify the location you want to save pictures to. You should have no problem specifying a network drive. Also, it's not a problem to have the capture tool running in the background while remote users access your TrackerPod.

I don't have any easy answer for you as regards panoramic capture for remote viewers. It's a feature that's only available to you locally, not to remote viewers

If you want to try customizing TrackerCam's remote viewing features, take a look at the folder C:\Program Files\Eagletron\TrackerCam\HTTPRoot on your PC.

This folder contains the pages that TrackerCam's built-in web server serves out to your remote users. As you will see, PHP scripts provide the back-end that talks to the TrackerPod hardware when a remote user sends a movement request.

Take a look at the series of sub-folders called Remote1, Remote2, etc. In addition to the standard scripts necessary for the regualar remote viewer, there are several variations and sample scripts we put in for people like you to explore and experiment with. Take a look at how they work and try changing them and writing your own, then pointing your web browser at your own web address and viewing the results.

I'm sorry I don't think there are any forums on this topic. But if you have a question, you can always write us.

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