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I have a laptop/notebook computer and want to place the trackerpod/Logitech Quick cam Pro 4000 located about 20-25 feet away from my computer. Can I just use an ordinary USB hub from any computer store?

What we've found is if the USB hub has a 2.4A power supply then it usually has enough juice. The hub's own circuitry takes some current, so if it's only 2.0A or 2.1A, then it doesn't really provide 500mA to each port. The D-Link DSB-H4 is known to have a 2.4A power supply and this is the one we provide and recommend. Just make sure the hub is in self-powered mode and not bus powered.

If they're using a 20' extension from the computer to the hub, it should work. It's not guaranteed because the spec on USB is 16'. However, we have customers using 25' cables with no problem. One thing that we know will not work is using a 20' cable from the hub to the TrackerPod. The voltage drops too much for the TrackerPod.

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