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I was wondering if you had a product that would let me pan or tilt my still camera for time lapse photography, but would let me tilt 90 degrees over 2 hours or at least set a rate that was super slow. My camera is about 5 pounds.

You can set a rate that is super slow and do the time-lapse photography with TrackerCam Software (see link to surveillance feature bellow), but our PowerPod mount is meant for cameras between 1/2 and three pounds. Also, TrackerCam is meant to work with cameras that have a video feed but sometimes you can make it work with a still camera's preview mode. If you were very careful (ie. limit the speed like you are doing and range of motion also), you can try to put 5 lbs on a PowerPod, but you would void the warranty.

There is a company called ImageWare Systems that has hooked up a high resolution Canon digital still camera to a TrackerPod and used the preview mode of the camera to make it work as a webcam. They have software that can tell the camera to take a snapshot.

Here is a link to the section of TrackerCam's manual on surveillance and capture / replay features: Manual

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