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I have a few questions about your PowerPod: If I use it to move my camcorder at a slow pace, will the movement be smooth or jerky? Do the movements look professional and smooth? Do you have a sample that you can let me view of the base movement? I plan to make an instructional video while sitting on my back deck. I need it to track my movements by flesh tones or shirt color. A sample clip would be great.

The powerpod motors have acceleration and deceleration to eliminate jerkiness. Camcorders also have their own stabilization. The video consequently is quite smooth.

The PowerPod's motors do not move as quickly as the motors of the TrackerPod, so tracking is not as accurate. But if you move slowly, and the camcorder is relatively far from you, tracking should be OK.

We do recommend an external microphone for the camcorder because otherwise the camcorder would pick up the the noise of the PowerPod motors.

We don't currently have a video-clip of a camcorder on a PowerPod but we will consider making one and let you know when it's ready.

The PowerPod does have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can order one and try it if you like. (You would still need to pay the shipping costs if you decide to return it).

Hope this helps,

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