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I am planning a security system for my small supermarket which would use a number of your PowerPods with DV camcorders such as the Canon ZR65MC.

There may be up to 20 cameras. So my camera system will have many elements. I am trying to find more dv cameras, besides just the Canon ones, that are not extremely pricy, since I need many, but offer pc control of the zoom feature. I need good resolution in low-light and the ability to control zoom. The canon has a good zoom, but the night imaging sucks, which is a problem for security applications. What products and configuration of your software do you recommend?

We are working on supporting LANC for zoom control, which will make many more cameras zoom-controllable using the same USB control as is used for the pan/tilt, so multicamera capture cards and long distance cable runs will be possible.

The LANC solutions should be on sale sometime in fourth quarter 2004.

Another solution is a $300 27x optical zoom camera with autofocus. It's like a camcorder without the tape. The zoom is controlled serially, so it will use a serial port on your computer. We're working on offering a bundled solution of PowerPod and this camera. The camera goes down to .01 lux. Here are the specs:

Pick-Up Device 1/4" Interline Transfer CCD

Scanning Area 3.6mm~2.7mm


Horizontal Resolution Approx 480TV Lines(PAL, High Resolution)420TV Lines(PAL,
Normal Resolution) (At center of screen)

Minimum Illumination Normal mode: 0.1 Lux/F1.2Electronic Shutter Speed Mode: 0.01Lux(~27 Field Accumulate) Night Mode: 0Lux(Infrared on)

S/N Ratio More than 48dB

Auto Electronic Shutter PAL: 1/50s ~ 1/100,000sNTSC: 1/60s ~ 1/100,000s

Scanning System 2:1 Interlace

Scanning Frequency(H) 15.734kHz(NTSC), 15.625kHz(PAL)

Scanning Frequency(V) 60kHz(NTSC), 50kHz(PAL)

Synchronous System Internal Synchronization

Lens Mount ~27 zoom(F1.5(W),F3.8(T) f=3.25-88mm), Video AF

Focal Length 3.24mm(WIDE), 86mm(TELE)

OSD(On Screen Display) English/Chinese

Video Output Composite Output 75Ħ terminated/Y,C Separated

Power Source DC9-15V

Power Consumption Max 5.3W

Operating Temperature 0Ž ~ +45Ž

Dimensions 102.2mm~62.2mm~62mm

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