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Yes Yes Yes, You got it now, The DVdriver is the greatest.. You'll get my 20$ soon... And If I can do anything to help promote your product just let me know...

Question: Is there program bug that prevents the Focus from working?

Also, how about reworking the snap button. As it is now the snap button opens a grayed out popup window. The popup window does have a snap/save button, but before pressing that one which takes the picture, it would be nice to have a preview so I can strike a pose before taking the picture... just a few pesty things... sorry...

However I do love the dashboard its great, the pan left/right/up/down works great and the driver loads fast... You do fine work.

The optical zoom and focus require your camcorder to support IEEE 1394 standards for those functions. Not all camcorders do. The newer Canon models do, but unfortunately Sony does not.

For the snap there is a check box at the bottom letting you choose whether or not to save the snapped picture. If you uncheck that box, the snap is displayed but not saved.

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