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We have an application I am writing in Visual Basic to take digital photos of vehicles, with 3 Olympus C760 cameras, and we have control of the camera via their SDK. We also wanted the ability to Pan and Tilt the cameras, so that is where your PowerPod would come in.

Through Visual Basic are we able to control more than 1 PowerPod at a time?

From what I have read you can control a DV Camera through Firewire with your software, are those methods exposed to Visual Basic as well, and would that give us the ability to Save still shots and even video streams ?

I think DVdriver might fit your needs. It provides a standard WDM "virtual camera" from which you can save stills and video from a DV camcorder. There should be VB code for dealing with standard WDM cameras. Pan/tilt is controlled by TCP/IP as you noticed.

We also have multiDVdriver, which lets you run several instances of itself, each controlling a different camera and PowerPod. It's designed to let you switch between cameras for viewing via the one virtual camera. The TCP/IP pan/tilt control also switches to the corresponding PowerPod when you switch cameras.


If you want to control several PowerPods simultaneously, then you would need CamPanel. Each one gets a different TCP/IP PORT on the same IP number. You can set them to what you want. CamPanel, however, does not provide the virtual camera.


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