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Earn money from your website!

Simply link to us from your website and you can start making money from every sale that originates from your web site.

Your total earned amount will be 7% of the total cost of TrackerPod®s or PowerPods in the buyer's order (before taxes and shipping).

At the end of a month during which your total earned amount exceeds your total paid amount by at least $50, we will send you a check for the difference and update your total paid amount.

Terms and Conditions

In order to become a TrackerCam® Affiliate, you must agree to the terms and conditions set forth below:

  1. We reserve the right to change our affiliate commission rate at any time. We will provide you in writing (via the email address that you signed up with) of the effective date of the change. In other words, we will not change it in the middle of a pay period.
  2. We do not take responsibility for your email account. Once we have sent the emails to you for any reason explaining policy or other changes Eagletron Products is considered to have provided you with written notification.
  3. You must have earned a minimum of $50.00 for the month before we send a check. Any amount under $50.00 will be carried over to the next pay period. Our pay period starts on the 1st of each month and ends the last day of that month.
  4. Either party may cancel this agreement at anytime. If we decide to cancel this agreement, all earned commission will be paid to you in the normal payment cycle, provided you have not acted contrary to this agreement.
  5. You must obtain permission and approval from us before changing or altering any of our graphics whether they be electronic or paper in nature.
If you agree to the terms and conditions of this document click the "I Agree" link below to go to the TrackerCam® Affiliate Sign-Up Form on our secure server.

I Agree to Terms and Conditions.


I do not Agree to Terms and Conditions.

TrackerCam® Affiliate Tools

Check your Affiliate Statistics Here

The following are graphics you may use to link to us:


Eagletron PowerPod-IR

Eagletron PowerPod

Eagletron TrackerCam<sup></sup>

Eagletron TrackerPod<sup></sup>


Point your webcam anywhere with TrackerPod<sup></sup>

Eagletron TrackerCam<sup></sup>

Eagletron TrackerCam<sup></sup>

Eagletron TrackerCam<sup></sup>

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