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Top-of-the-Line Surveillance for a Fraction of the PriceClearPTZ AutoFocus Camera

Under $600, the Eagletron ClearPTZ is a pan/tilt color camera with exceptionally crisp video, auto-focus, and amazing long-distance Crime Stopperszoom. You use it with a Windows computer for surveillance, video-conferencing, webcamming, or custom applications.   

ClearPTZ cameras are being used for security cameras by Toronto CrimeStoppers

Read an article about ClearPTZ here.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control

ClearPTZ's robotic pan/tilt motion means you can keep an eye on large areas with just one camera. Turn the camera in any direction with just a mouse-click from the controlling computer. Zoom in and out as you need to. The high-quality optics and autofocus in ClearPTZ mean image quality is always crisp and clear. Pan/tilt/zoom can also be remotely controlled over the Internet.

Optical Zoom

ClearPTZ will surprise you with the quality of its video. The reason is optical zoom. ClearPTZ has a zoom lens inside that physically moves to zoom in or out, like a pair of binoculars. Most computer cameras just simulate zoom by digitally magnifying an image via software. The result is graininess and loss of resolution. ClearPTZ's zoom is good enough to let you read newsprint from across a room.



ClearPTZ low zoom

ClearPTZ high zoom


Also unlike most computer cameras, ClearPTZ gives you good performance in low-light conditions. It even has a night-time mode.

Mount up to 500 Feet Away from Computer

USB and Firewire cameras cannot be more than a few feet away from the computer used to view their video. ClearPTZ-500 is an analog camera and can be up to 500 feet away from the computer. Mount the camera in one room and view video on a computer in another. Install several cameras around a building connected to one computer. ClearPTZ-500 gives you the flexibility to mount your camera where you want to.

Bundled Surveillance Software

The advanced surveillance software CamPanel is bundled free with ClearPTZ. It offers automated image capture, motion-triggered capture, and a range of other features important to surveillance users. You can also log in remotely over the Internet to view live video or captured surveillance and to remotely control the pan/tilt/zoom.

Compatible with Video-Conferencing, Webcam Software

ClearPTZ also makes an excellent video-conferencing camera and can serve as a high-end choice for webcamming users. In fact, thanks to a unique feature in the control software, you can feed ClearPTZ's video to any Windows software designed to work with ordinary USB webcams, making it easy to use ClearPTZ with all popular webcam and video-chat software.

ClearPTZ Features

  • Camera's optical zoom extends to a remarkable 27x 
  • Automatic focus
  • Max. distance to computer: 500 feet w/ ClearPTZ-500
  • Range of motion: 160 degrees pan, 110 degrees tilt
  • Maximum speed: 53 degrees per second
  • Night vision capability (0.1 LUX)
  • Pan, tilt, zoom and autofocus controlled digitally via USB
  • Use with any Windows computer
  • View video and control motion and zoom from anywhere in the world over the Internet
  • Capture video to hard disk
  • Capture still images at regular intervals
  • View captured images over the Internet
  • Motion alarms, motion-triggered capture

Detailed Optical Specs (Camera module)

  • TV System�: PAL / NTSC
  • Scanning Area�: 3.6mm(H)×2.7mm(V)
  • Picture Element: PAL:752(H)×582(V) NTSC:768(H)×494(V)
  • Horizontal Resolution�: 540TV Lines
  • Minimum Illumination�: 0.1Lux/F1.2
  • S/N Ratio�: More than 48dB
  • Auto Electronic Shutter�: PAL:1/50s-1/100,000s NTSC:1/60s-1/100,000s
  • Auto Iris Control�: 3.9~85.8mm
  • Gamma Characteristic�: 0.45
  • Auto Gain Control�: Auto
  • Auto White Balance�: Menu contorl
  • Back Light Compensation�: Auto
  • Synchronous System�: Internal Synchronization
  • Video Output�: 1.0Vp-p,1.2Vp-p,1.3Vp-p(Pre-items Switch on-off optional)
  • Power Supply�: DC 12V
  • Power Consumption�: 200mA(300mA Control)
  • Operating Temperature�: -10�°~+50�°
  • Dimensions(W×D×H)�: 104mm×58mm×67mm
  • Weight(g)�: 260g
  • Material�: Aluminum alloy

Two Versions: ClearPTZ-regular and ClearPTZ-500

ClearPTZ comes in two versions, both with same price: The ClearPTZ-regular and the ClearPTZ-500. The difference is how far away from the controlling computer you can place them. ClearPTZ-regular comes with a 6-foot cable. ClearPTZ-500 is capable of using cables upto 500 feet long. If you choose the ClearPTZ-500, you will need to buy your own cables in the length you require. CAT-5 cable (the same kind of cable as is used for Ethernet connections) is used for controlling pan/tilt/zoom. Coax video cable (the same kind of cable as used for connecting regular cable-TV to your television) is used to carry the video signal. Both are readily available at computer and electronics stores.

Purchase ClearPTZ

Purchase a ClearPTZ for $599.99, including camera, removable pan/tilt base, and control software. As with all analog cameras, an analog video capture card is necessary to view and capture video. The purchase page gives you the option of adding a capture card to your order if you need one.

  • Click here to order a ClearPTZ-regular camera bundle.
  • Click here to order a ClearPTZ-500 camera bundle.

ClearPTZ Warranty

The Eagletron ClearPTZ comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. For warranty details, click here.



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