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TrackerCam<sup>?</sup> pan/tilt Demo How does a TrackerPod® work? You attach your webcam to it and then you, or someone else on the internet, can move it with your mouse or your keyboard.

Here is a real-time movie of TrackerPod® moving a camera.

Download this Video here (3.5MB mpeg).

View Live Cams from our TrackerCam® Live Cams Community, with over 30,000 members.

from our TrackerCam Live Cams Community, with over 30,000 members.


Dance Video
Location: Dance Studio
Feature: Automatic Tracking

Are you tired of asking your friends to tape you (or are they tired of your asking!) while you are at a dance or sports practice? This dancer was taped completely automatically by a TrackerCam® system that was told to track the color blue. 

Download and Play Demo


TrackerCam<sup>?</sup> Tracking Demo

The PowerPod: Strong Enough for a Camcorder

PowerPod Demo

  • Robotic base for camcorders
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom your DV camcorder
  • Zoom is optical with Canon ZR, digital with other camcorder models.
  • Enable remote control over the Internet
  • Handles camcorders up to 3 lbs. in weight
  • Order your PowerPod today for 169.99.

TrackerCam<sup>?</sup> Do you want to see how your webcam will look on a TrackerPod®? Not sure how to attach it? Click Here to find a photo of your webcam mounted on a TrackerPod®.


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