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HD TrackerCam C920:
higher speed, better fit

HD TrackerCam

Still 1080p over USB 2.0, the Logitech C920 HD camera is even faster and smoother than its C910 predecessor.

The C920's clear, crisp, autofocus HD imaging engine now comes in a format that mounts with a solid 1/4-20 thread, an ideal fit for the TrackerCam.  Click here for pricing.

HD TrackerCam: 1080p over USB

At last, 1080p streaming over USB! If your computer has a multi core CPU and USB 2.0 or higher, you can now have a true HD quality 1080p  video stream with the new HD TrackerCam that features the Logitech C910 HD camera. This camera has stereo microphones and an autofocus Carl Zeiss lens that is simply the best webcam we know of. We are happy to bundle it with our TrackerPod to give you the full benefit of Pan / Tilt / Digital Zoom, and autofocus, all in 1080p HD! Click here for pricing.

High Definition 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p support in DVdriver, PTZdriver

November 2009: Eagletron software now supports HD. Formats up to 1080p can now be selected in DVdriver and PTZdriver. The new versions are now available. Sufficient CPU, RAM, and video memory resources are required for higher resolutions and frame rates. Trials of these programs can  be downloaded from

CamPanel Upgrade

September 2009: CamPanel allows you to connect to multiple cameras from the same graphical user interface, while maintaining individual settings for all the separate video feedsCrime Stoppers. Now CamPanel allows you to see local and remote video feeds. It also allows you to display them all simultaenously on multiple screens on one computer.  CamPanel Trial can  be downloaded from

DVdriver Helps Gmail Users with New Google Video Chat

Google's new videochat feature supports Logitech cameras. But what if you have a different camera? If you have a camcorder or a camera that does not work with google video chat, then DVdriver can help. Just download and install the free trial version of DVdriver from: Install and run it, selecting your TV capture device when asked to Load Video Device.

Faster Drivers

September 2008: We are upgrading the drivers for all our products so that they will load faster and have faster response times! They are in Beta test right now and will be on our Downloads page soon.

Eagletron Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

May 2008. Eagletron is 10 years old!  Since we began we have supplied monitoring products to 108 countries and to organizations such as NASA, the US government and military, major Universities, the British Antarctic Survey Team, and the Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, to name a few.  We are monitoring everything from stars and planets to homes, stores, restaurants, churches, dog kennels, and nursery schools - you name it!

Eagletron Products Vista Compatible

April 2008: Eagletron software (DVdriver, PTZDriver, TrackerCam Software, and Campanel) are now both VISTA 32 bit and VISTA  64 bit compatible. We are also still compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 mounted on TrackerPodPan, Tilt and Zoom Your Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

January 2008: Do you have the new Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000? The TrackerPod works with this autofocus webcam with Carl Zeiss optics. With a TrackerPod you can pan, tilt and zoom this camera from anywhere on the internet . Because of this camera's autofocus feature, it will stay in focus where-ever you turn the camera! 

Take advantage of your Quickcam Pro 9000's unique autofocus capability -- move it around with a TrackerPod and enjoy the clear picture you get no matter where you turn it!  More about the TrackerPod hereBuy package here.

New ClearPTZ

August 2007: We have upgraded our ClearPTZ product with a better camera. The quality is much better, and the zoom and autofocus adjustments are now continuous. See the full specs here.

ClearPTZ is a high quality pan/tilt/zoom autofocus camera -- like a camcorder-quality webcam that you can pan, tilt, and zoom! 

Eagletron Launches MotorPod 

September 2006: The Eagletron MotorPod is a computer-controlled pan/tilt base for any camera under 2 lbs. It lets you turn and swivel your camera up, down, left, and right under the control of your PC. You can even control the optical zoom of compatible camcorders. MotorPod comes with the same sophisticated control software as the TrackerPod®, giving you features like Internet remote control, programmable video capture, and motion detection.  More info.

Eagletron Develops Bidirectional MPEGstreamer  

February 3, 2006: Eagletron has developed a new bidirectional set-top box. MPEGstreamer is an MPEG-4 (including DivX and XviD) encoder/decoder that encodes and streams live or stored video over the Internet for high-quality videoconferencing or TV sharing. It allows you to stream DVD quality video and MP3 quality audio over the internet with only a one second delay.  Ideal for TV's, flat screens, HDTV's, or computer monitors. Read our brochure here.

Step Up from USB Webcams

June 5, 2005: Our recently-introduced ClearPTZ is a high-quality auto-focus pan/ tilt/ zoom camera that we're very proud of. An article in Hometoys Magazine explains what's out there in the computer-camera market and how ClearPTZ is a good example of a step-up from USB webcams for users who need more.

New AutoFocus Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Bundle

January 26, 2005: What good is optical zoom without pan/tilt and autofocus? For the price of a motorized zoom camera, get pan/tilt and autofocus as well. Our new ClearPTZ bundle is a pan/tilt and autofocus optical zoom color camera that will give you clear, crisp images in any direction you point.

Features include: 26X optical zoom, 160 degrees pan, 110 degrees tilt at up to 53 degrees per second, view video and control motion and zoom from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

The ClearPTZ bundle is priced at only $599.99. More information here.

PowerPod-LANC for Sony Camcorders

December 6, 2004: Introducing the PowerPod-LANC.

Previously, our PowerPod could control the optical zoom of certain Canon ZR cameras only. Now you can control the optical zoom of your Sony camcorder with the PowerPod-LANC. The PowerPod-LANC is priced at $189.99. For more information, click here.

Robotic Control with a Remote-Control!

PowerPod-IR by EagletronSeptember 9, 2004: Introducing the IR-Pod.

Ever need to videotape yourself? Now you can mount your camera to an IR-Pod and then use a TV-remote control to point your camera where you want. Keep your camera on yourself as you move around without being stuck by your keyboard!

  • Does not need a computer or USB connection.
  • You control it with a TV-style handheld remote control.
  • Moves your camera up, down, left, and right.
  • Works with camcorders, still cameras, webcams. (Control camera functions with camera's own remote).

Click here for more information.

CamPanel 2.5 Released


5-star award for CamPanelJuly 14, 2004: CamPanel Digital Surveillance software allows you to monitor and control multiple cameras from a single PC in real-time, complete with: digital video recording, motion detection and tracking, alarms, email notification, pan/tilt/zoom, multi-camera display, and more.

When combined with TrackerPod® and PowerPod robotic bases, CamPanel gives you pan/tilt control over several cameras from the same screen. CamPanel is free for TrackerPod® owners, and $49.99 otherwise. For more information and to download click here.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom your Camcorder

The PowerPod can turn your DV camcorder into a webcam that you can view, pan, and tilt remotely over the Internet!  Read Hub Magazine's review of the PowerPod .

PowerPod by EagletronUnique Features:

  • Robotic base for camcorders
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom your DV camcorder
  • Zoom is optical with Canon ZR, digital with other camcorder models.
  • Enable remote control over the Internet
  • Handles camcorders up to 3 lbs. in weight
  • Works with DVdriver or TrackerCam® Software 

Click here for detailed specifications. Order your PowerPod today for $179.99

Take your DV Camera for a Spin!

DVdriver software for camcorders

5-star awardMarch 11, 2004: The idea of hooking up your camcorder to your PC and using it with the many software applications available for webcams seems natural. But ask anyone who's tried and and you know that programs that work with webcams hardly ever work with camcorders.

Now with DVdriver for Windows® you can use your camcorder with any application that works with a webcam. Your camcorder will become a very high-resolution webcam as far as your software is concerned. DVdriver fools any software that can work with a webcam into working with a camcorder. Supports the PowerPod robotic camcorder base.   For more information and to order, Click Here.


Viewing webcam with cell phone

Monitor your Home/Office with your Cell-Phone

February 23, 2004: TrackerCam® Software Version 5.1 adds WML and i-mode support for remote control and viewing your webcam from Internet-enabled cell phones.

TrackerCam® 5.1's Get Online dialog has a new button to enable and configure viewing from Internet-enabled cell phones - you can choose the image size and type, as well as the pan/tilt/zoom functions you want cell phones to perform. For security, the dialog lets you rename the files required for remote viewing. Download the software from our download page .



Join our Robotic WebCam Community

Visit our TrackerCam® robotic webcam community at or click on "Live Cams" from the navigation bar on this website.

Browse through live webcams from our users all over the world. Sort webcams by how popular they are, how often they are on-line, or both. You can also type in keywords to restrict your search to webcams of a particular country or topic. A great place to go and check out some robotic cams and decide if you want to add a robotic base to your webcam!

If you want to be included in this community, you need to download TrackerCam® Software 3.03 or higher.

You can now search our list of questions by keyword or browse our list of selected customer questions and answers to see what our customers have been asking.

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