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Eagletron Turns Your Camcorder Into A Webcam, Biosmagazine, September 2005
Surveillance: the Next Step up from USB Webcams, Home Toys, June 2005
The PowerPod: Don't Touch That Camcorder, Tom's Hardware, February 2005
Surveillance with Your Sony Camcorder, Home Toys, February 2005
Use Your Camcorder as a PC WebCam , Home Toys, December 2004
TrackerPod®: Take Your Hands Off Your Webcam, Tom's Hardware, October 2004
Surveillance on a Budget, Home Toys, October 2004
The 802.11g Network TrackerCam® - Engadget, May 2004
Web cams, Globe and Mail, April 2004
TrackerPod® adds life to webcams, Globe Technology, August, 2001
TrackerPod® ajoute plus de vie aux caméras numériques, GSMBOX - French
TrackerPod® haucht Webcams Leben ein, GSMBOX - German
Pon una webcam en tu vida, Nocitias, August 2001

Book Chapters

Leo Laporte's 2005 Gadget Guide
Que Publishing, 2004, pages 26 (TrackerPod®) and 160 (PowerPod)

PC Upgrade and Repair Bible
Barry and Marcia Press, Wiley, 2004, Chapter 23 (Home Surveillance)

PC Toys: 14 Cool Projects for Home, Office and Entertainment
Barry and Marcia Press, 2003, Wiley, Chapter 6 (Home Surveillance with Internet Remote Access)

TV and Radio

TechTV Fresh Gear: The Coolest New Products and Gadgets, March 15, 2003
Computer Mechanics Review, 56K, March 16, 2002
Media Television, 56K, March 9, 2002
City Pulse, 56K, May 23, 2001
City Pulse, HighSpeed, May 23, 2001
Mojo Radio, June, 2001

Editor's Picks

Best Buy, Internet Magazine, June 2002
Top 10 Gifts of the Season, Globe Technology Holiday Gift Guide, 2001
Price is totally balanced for what you get, WebCamWorld, April 2001


Eagletron Turns Your Camcorder Into A Webcam, Biosmagazine, September 2005
The 802.11g Network TrackerCam® - Engadget
PowerPod points you in the right direction - Hub Magazine
Crean una base motorizada para videocámaras domésticas - Quesabesde
Roundup: Surveillance Cameras, TechTV
TrackerPod®, Internet Magazine
TrackerPod®, WebCamZone
TrackerPod®, WebCamZone (French)
TrackerCam® 5.1, - UK Technology News 
TrackerCam® 2.01, WebCamWorld
TrackerCam® 2.01, Officiando
TrackerPod®, WebCamWorld
TrackerPod®, CyberWalker

Press Releases

Buyers Shopping Network and Eagletron Inc. Team Up, October 2001

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