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Tracker Pod by Eagletron

TrackerPod® by Eagletron

The TrackerPod® brings webcamming to a whole new level.

Pan and Tilt Your Webcam

The TrackerPod® is a compact device that pans and tilts your webcam, giving you full control through your computer.

Remote Pan/Tilt

The TrackerPod® comes with control software that lets you control it's movement from your PC with a click of your mouse or remotely over the Web from anywhere in the world. You can securely log in when you're away to look around your home or business or you can offer access to Internet friends.

Person Tracking / Face Tracking

The TrackerPod®'s sophisticated control software is famous for its ability to automatically follow you, or your subject, as you move around by using skin tone to distinguish you from the background.

Add Pan/Tilt to Yahoo™ / MSN™ / NetMeeting™ Messaging

The TrackerPod® integrates smoothly with all popular video chatting systems. Move freely as you video chat and let TrackerPod® take care of keeping you in view. Give chat partners the the ability to move your webcam where they want to.

Webcam Surveillance

An important advantage of pan/tilt for surveillance users is that you can keep an eye on a large area with just one webcam. You move you webcam to look where you want to as needed instead of buying several cameras and mounting them in different places. Remember, you can log in over the Internet to see video and move the webcam. You can also configure TrackerPod® to move through a set series of positions continuously, capturing still images to disk at regular intervals for automated surveillance.

An Affordable Robotic Vision System

Think of the TrackerPod® as a robotic cameraman that makes your webcam come robotically alive, panning, tilting, and zooming under your computer's control.

Watch a video clip of TrackerPod® in action

Detailed Hardware Specs

  • Webcam not included you can use almost any USB webcam with TrackerPod®; if you don't yet own a webcam, check our orders page for available webcam/TrackerPod® bundles
  • Maximum weight of webcam: 1 lb
  • Maximum angles of rotation: 160 degrees pan and 110 degrees tilt
  • Maximum speed of movement: 100 degrees per second
  • Digital zoom from 50% to 300% available for via software
  • TrackerPod® Interfaces to your PC via USB port
  • Webcam interfaces separately via USB
  • TrackerPod® powered by USB port or with optional external power supply if your computer's USB port cannot provide the needed current
  • Webcam mounts on to TrackerPod® using standard webcam 1/4" tripod mounting thread found on the bottom of most webcams; shoe plate and rubber fasteners available to accomodate non-standard webcams.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system Windows® 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7.
  • Processor 133 MHz or faster; for best performance, 200 MHz or faster recommended
  • Memory 32MB RAM
  • Interfaceavailable USB port
  • Disk space 20MB available hard disk space

Purchase a TrackerPod®

You can order a TrackerPod® from our website.

TrackerPod® Warranty

The Eagletron TrackerPod® comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. For details, click here.

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