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Eagletron Hardware | Eagletron Software

Eagletron Hardware Products

The following is a list of innovative hardware products developed by Eagletron Inc. They can be purchased from our website or from a reseller in your area.  Eagletron is the world's only provider of USB pan/tilt devices for DV cameras.  

The TrackerPod® - for webcams. The award-winning robotic tripod that lets your webcam look around. You can buy this separately, or bundled with a webcam from a quality manufacturer.  Connects to your computer via USB. Click here for more information. Order from our Shopping Cart

The MotorPod - for DV cameras. A stronger version of the TrackerPod® that will pan and tilt a webcam or camcorder weighing up to 2 lbs. Connects to your computer via USB. Click here for more information. Order from our Shopping Cart.

The PowerPod - for professional DV cameras. A  version of the MotorPod® that will pan and tilt a camcorder weighing 2 to 3 lbs. This version incorporates tendons which offset the gravitational weight of heavier cameras. This model will carry a heavier payload, but because it is designed to offset the effect of gravity on the payload, it can not be used to hang a camera in an inverted manner, like a TrackerPod or MotorPod.

Connects to your computer via USB. Click here for more information. Order from our Shopping Cart.

The IR-Pods - does not need a computer or software. Works with a Universal (TV) remote. Comes in three variations - the TrackerPod®-IR, the PowerPod-IR, and the MotorPod-IR. Click here for more information.

ClearPTZ Full Frame Video Camera & Control Base - 27x optical zoom autofocus pan/tilt camera bundle. Click here for more information. Order from our Shopping Cart.

We also resell a limited amount of domes for housing your webcam outdoors. If you are interested in a plastic or glass dome to cover your camera, please use our contact form to let us know.


Hardware Comparison Chart

Not sure which robotic base is best for you? View our hardware comparison chart here.




Eagletron Software Products

We have developed various software products to support our unique hardware. The TrackerPod® and PowerPod work with all of these different software applications. Choose the application most suited to your needs.  Eagletron software is both VISTA 32 bit and VISTA  64 bit compatible.

DVdriver Software - A five-star utility that enables the use of DV camcorders as webcams. Works with multiple webcam software including Skype Video. Supports the PowerPod. Only $20. Demo version is free to try but will require image reloading every two minutes.

CamPanel Multiple Camera Application Software - A complete digital surveillance system including multi-camera support. This is also a free download, but must be licensed with a hardware dongle to activate capture. The license is $49.99 or free if you own or buy at least one USB TrackerPod®, MotorPod or PowerPod to go with it.

TrackerCam® Software - A complete webcam solution with a unique color-tracking feature. Works without a TrackerPod® too, if you don't need pan and tilt. TrackerCam® Software is a free download.  Check the online manual here .

Software Comparison Chart

Not sure which software is best for you? View our software comparison chart here.


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