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Thank you for your interest in our products! If you need technical support, first try our Technical Tips. If you want to check your order, modify your profile, or simply contact us, go to our Customer Support section.

Technical Tips

Read the TrackerCam® FAQ

Read our Frequently Asked Questions or search our list of selected customer questions and answers to see what our customers have been asking. Your question may already be answered.



Download the Latest Software

Simply updating to the latest version of the software can solve many technical support issues.  If you are having problems, try updating your software first by visitng our download area.

Read the Manuals:

  1. Hardware Product Quickstart Guides

    Our Quickstart Guides show you how to assemble and install your TrackerPod®/PowerPod. Download the Quickstart Guides here:



    TrackerCam® Software Manual

    To read the TrackerCam® Manual, download TrackerCam® Software, which includes the latest manual, or view the TrackerCam® manual over the web.

  2. CamPanel Surveillance Software Manual

    The CamPanel Users' Guide is also available over the web.

  3. DVdriver Software Manual

    The DVdriver User's Guide is available over the web.



Custom Programming Your TrackerPod®/PowerPod

If you're looking for information on controlling our hardware from your own custom programs, see our Custom Programming page.


Customer Support

Check your Order

Click here to check the status of your order at any time.

Modify your Customer Profile

Did you move or change your email address? Want to change your password? Click here to modify your customer profile. While your credit card information is not stored on our system, but customer profile is saved that you can log in and check your order or make new orders easily.

Contact us!

If you have TrackerCam® Software running and are able to access its Tuner, then submit a bug report and let us know exactly what is wrong. If you submit a valid email address, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are unable to run TrackerCam® Software, then please contact us through this form.



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