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TrackerCam® is a software application that lets you put your webcam on the web, use it for surveillance, and do things like access its video from a cell phone or upload its images to an FTP-server. It's a general purpose set of tools for webcam owners that's feature-rich but friendly. TrackerCam® is completely free for you to download and use. We make it available for free because it demonstrates our unique person-tracking technology which you will be able to take advantage of if you buy one of our TrackerPod® pan/tilt bases.

Trackercam software  was designed to run on Windows based platforms.

Features of TrackerCam®

All of TrackerCam®'s features are fully configurable and can be enabled or disabled easily. TrackerCam® works with most webcams in existence.
Features include the following:
  • Easily make your webcam's video available on the Web to friends or to the public
  • Assign remote user privilleges and passwords
  • Captures webcam video to AVI movie files
  • Make webcam video available to your cell phone
  • Automatically upload webcam images to an FTP server
  • Capture surveillance images of your home on a pre-set schedule
  • Motion-triggered capture to save images only when there is movement in the room
  • Play back captured surveillance images locally or over the Internet when you're away
  • Digital zoom control
  • Optical zoom when used with compatible hardware
  • Pan and tilt TrackerPod® and PowerPod bases
  • Person-tracking and motion-tracking with TrackerPod® bases
  • Remote TrackerPod® control over the Internet
  • Automated movement through a series of pre-set viewpoints

Free Download

You can download TrackerCam® at:

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