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TrackerPod® is Internet Magazine's Best Buy

The TrackerPod® was selected as Internet Magazine's Best Buy for June 2002! They say "Eagletron's TrackerPod® .. provides an affordable way for webmasters to incorporate a robotic 'pan and tilt' camera into their sites".

Below are some unsolicited comments about our products from our users:

The TrackerCam® Robotic Webcam System

"I buy/evaluate many PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) Cameras such as the Canon vb-c10 and the Axis 2130 and 2100 for my company. While they are IP cameras and have an optical zooms, when all is said and done the Tracker Cam is really a better unit. Not to mention the $200 vs $1200 difference in price! Thanks again for such a great product at such a great price." -- Bruce Rehnberg, Director IT R&D NCR Corp.

This has to be the damnest thing I have EVER seen! It's just too kool and compact. What a great job you've done ! Congratulations . My first view was a cam being used in France smewhere ... and the image and control was magnificent .. Well done guys. Adam Langstone

"I have one of your tracker cams and am enjoying the hell out of it.. You guys did a great job.. thanks." Jason, Texas

"I tried several "remote controlled webcams" including X10 and TrackerCam® for our new internet business. After my review and also our senior programmers review of all three different cams, we chose TrackerCam® from Eagletron. We created an Internet Webcam community at and also and we promote exclusivly the Trackercam for the Remote Controlled Webcam option." Steve Cook,

"Looks like a great product, definitely the coolest robotic cam stand I've ever seen!" -- Michael Erkelens, TrueTech.

"Recently I downloaded the VB example to control the trackerPod. I was pretty excited about the new possibilities it gives me. ... Thanx for providing such powerfull tools!" Jesse, Netherlands

"What a wonderful product! A colleague of mine has just purchased your product and now I'm very interested in it and also another friend of mine is also interested. The TV show THE COMPUTER MECHANICS also gave your product very high reviews." Thomas, Ontario.

"Boy I love this thing! Having a lot of fun with it." Joel, California

"... let me say I'm very impressed with your product and there were no problems at all with it and I will definitely recommend it to anyone I know who's interested in webcams." Marco Pensante

"I got my TrackerCam® last week and I am more than happy about it. I have the cam on my office window in downtown New York City. My friends should have the view like I have every day. " Oliver, New York

"Great product. Works excellent." Luc Van Esch, PiXiRiS Media

TrackerCam® as WebCam Software

"Fantastic how the trackam software allowed me to use my sony DCR PC110E to be used as webcam video. I can even show my recorded sessions immediatly on messenger.Just fantastic." Danny

"I installed the TrackerCam® software this week. It is the easiest to set up webcam software that I've tried and the picture is the best I've had too. If you haven't tried this I would recommend that you try it out. And no, I don't have any connection with the company, I'm just a user." Martin Pilkington.

"I been in the cam world since 1996, I tested every single webcam program so as an experienced user ... I must say that I LOVE yours." -- Anabella,

"The TrackerCam® software is actually quite good. I've been using it without the tracker pod for the last few weeks and it is very stable and doesn't exhibit memory leaks like many others. It runs fine for days on end." Todd @ Mediastorm.

Using a Digital Cam as a WebCam

"Excellent work on the software. Even though I'm not using a Pod, I experienced many problems between Sony and Microsoft not suporting web cam drivers for a Sony Digital8 camcorder/IEEE1394 and Windows XP. Using the TrackerPod® software as an intermediary between the camera and the web cam applications, it worked perfectly, infact offering the added option to control zoom from the computer instead of the camera. Great job!" Curt,

"TrackerCam® works great in allowing me to use [my] camera in Netmeeting with people that do not have XP installed on their systems." -- John B..

"Hello, i have to tell you that TrackerCam® is more then a cam program, it is THE SOLUTION for people with a digital camcorder. I don't have that TrackerPod® but I have your program and I tried it to let my JVC digital camcorder run on it and it worked. JVC says in customer support that the camcorder can't be used as a webcam. Well they're absolutly wrong." Henry, Netherlands

"The TrackerCam® software is by far more direct and simpler to use. The current "price" of free is certainly great, too." -- Dwight Klettke.

"This is better than SEX ... TRACKERCAM - i love this program :o))) ... My problems .. got fixed by downloading's free software - now video in MS Messenger MS Netmeeting is working via Trackercam free software It's just a brilliant sw." -- Jesper.

"I can't believe there is a program like trackercam out there ... Not only does netmeeting work but this software also allows people to publish camera output directly to web. ... To think, I was going to give up and buy an analog capture card...." SP.

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