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HD TrackerCam C920:
higher speed, better fit

HD TrackerCam

Still 1080p over USB 2.0, the Logitech C920 HD camera is even faster and smoother than its C910 predecessor.

The C920's clear, crisp, autofocus HD imaging engine now comes in a format that mounts with a solid 1/4-20 thread, an ideal fit for the TrackerCam.  Click here for pricing.

HD TrackerCam: 1080p over USB

At last, 1080p streaming over USB2.0! If your computer has a dual core CPU and USB 2.0, you can now have a true HD quality 1080p  video stream with the new HD TrackerCam that features the Logitech C910 HD camera. This camera has stereo microphones and an autofocus Carl Zeiss lens that is simply the best webcam we know of. We are happy to bundle it with our TrackerPod to give you the full benefit of Pan / Tilt / Digital Zoom, and autofocus, all in 1080p HD! Click here for pricing.

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